Friday, 9 November 2018

10/11/18 Letter to Tun Dr Mahathir after his Japan visit

Dear Chedet,
Happy Deepavali.
Bringing in the Japanese system of education to Malaysia is a brilliant idea. Bear in mind that the knowledge must come with the values and culture.
Ever wonder why IBM, Google, McDonald’s, KFC, Toyota, Honda, Samsung and those MNCs are successful wherever they are situated all over the world? Besides the world class work culture, they instill their values and principles to the employees.
It had been 30 years since I left the IBM World, but I still remember their 3 values:
* Customers come first
* Respect for individuals
* Excellence in everything we do
I remember K.B. Low the GM of IBM Malaysia then said, “We can take people from any discipline, by 2 years with us, we cut their wrist, they will be bleeding blue.”
The answer is training, training and more training. Train more than you sleep, according to a Japanese martial art master.
Here is the principle that I live by. It is from the master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi:
Miyamoto Musashi 9 Precepts:
* Do not think dishonestly.
The Way is in training.
* Become acquainted with every art.
* Develop intuitive judgment and understanding of everything.
* Perceive those things which cannot be seen.
* Pay attention even to trifles.
* Do nothing which is of no use.
Chedet, you want to be like the Japanese? Learn about their values.
“Shinu Kikai O Motomo”.
Sine cera,
MSC 0072


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